IKE reunion benefit single!


The Little People, Church and the Steeple

Winner of "BEST EP"
in the 2012 WSTW Homey Awards! 


Birthday / Star sign: 11/21- Scorpio


First gig memory:  I was playing drums in a band with 2 of my classmates in high school and our math teacher on bass.. we were called the Suburban Lizards. We were booked to play the school's "Halloween Dance".. Ooooooooooh! We opened with "Twist & Shout" by the Beatles and "I Will Follow" by U2 to a thunderous reaction. Our third song was an original and you would have thought we had fired a shit cannon. The placed couldn't have cleared out faster. It made me realize that the quality of your songwriting is pretty important to holding an audience :)


Unknown talent: CLICK ME.


Death row meal:  Sultan Indian buffet (North Wales, PA)


Rock n Roll Dream:  I've already had so many come true already.. opened for the Ramones, REM, and many, many others.. toured the country and abroad (Australia and Canada), had the chance to really get to know a lot of the people who support me and the band.. my honest dream is to just be able to keep going, keep creating, and leave a mark with my music.


Most Glorious Mistake:  Selling my Les Paul Jr. when I thought I was desperate for money. Never sell your guitars, kids. Sell your blood first!

Birthday / Star sign:  12/13 - Sagittarius


First gig memory:  My first serious original band, Hollow Body, playing our debut show in 1998 at a packed coffee house in the Northeast.  The room couldn't even hold everyone.  I remember my high school teachers coming out and supporting us as well.  It was such a surreal feeling.


Unknown talent:  Can quote "The Dark Knight" and "Jaws" line by line.


Death row meal:  Susie's Pepper Steak and Rice in tomato sauce.


Rock n Roll Dream:  To collaborate in a recording studio with Trent Reznor (NIN) and The Edge (U2).


Most Glorious Mistake:  Losing my hair.

Birthday / Star sign: 12/2  Sagitarius


First gig memory: My first band, Outset, played a Battle of The Bands only three days after I started playing bass.  I remember wearing a shirt that said "It's ok, I'm with the band".  We lost to a cover band who played Funky Town and we were all so angry about it.  Now it when I think of that night I just laugh about it.  


Unknown talent: I'm an excellent baker and I rock at handstands and backbends!


Death row meal: Chocolate milkshake and lasagna.  


Rock n Roll Dream: To play music for as long as I possibly can. 


Most Glorious Mistake: Learning how to play every instrument.

Birthday / Star sign: 5/12 - Taurus

First gig memory: My first gig was a cover show with a band called "Skinny Guinea & the Yo-Bos."  I believe on the flyer it was spelled 'Skinny Ginny'.  It was at a local bar in SP called McCusker's.  Mid-set the rest of my band decided to walk off stage and forced me to solo as a first-show hazing.  I proceeded to perform terribly.


Unknown talent: I can move my ears.  I can also move my left ear independently of my right.  I make a weird face when I do it.


Death row meal:  Angry Salmon


Rock n Roll Dream: To continue to make music with some of my favorite people


Most Glorious Mistake: Choosing the musical instrument with the most items to carry.



DAVE ANTHONY - DRUMS (1998-2006)


JOANN SCHMIDT - BASS (1999-2008)




MICHAEL LEAVY - DRUMS (here, there, everywhere!)

JOSH BERGER - BASS (Eco Rhythm Tour 2009)