Get 3 great IKE Cd's 2011's "Little People, Church & the Steeple" 2007's "Where To Begin" 2003's "Parallel Universe" plus a potluck IKE or It Keeps Evolving T-shirt! All for $25

IKE reunion benefit single!


The Little People, Church and the Steeple

Winner of "BEST EP"
in the 2012 WSTW Homey Awards! 


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IKE's first release on their IT KEEPS EVOLVING label!
This 2011 release contains five new John Faye originals done 2 ways:
full on rock and stripped down acoustic!
Recorded and mixed by IKE guitarist Brett Talley! 


On the heels of the departure of half the band, IKE V2.0 burst back onto the scene in 2008 with a full-length CD containing 14 rockin' tracks, including "We Like Sugar, "Atomic Rose," "The End of the Rope," "Eleven Eleven," and MORE!!

"ALBUM OF THE YEAR" in the 2009 WSTW Homey Awards!!



Containing IKE's best known song "INTO PHILADELPHIA"

"...a disc that sticks after one listen and still stands up after a dozen."

- M.J. Fine, Philadelphia City Paper


This 2005 release also includes "Just A Moment," "I Knew You When," "Cinderella Spark" and more!!

PLEASE NOTE: This comes with the CD only in a plain jewel case - no artwork included.



IKE goes multi-media on yo' ass with this 50+ minute debut DVD from 2004!

BSW dives into the band's do-it-yourself world of endless gigs and strange encounters. Contains the much-anticipated music video for "Deathbed (Na, Na, Na)" as well as "Deathbed" *making of* clip, live performances, band interviews, confessions, and accusations! With chapter titles like: "Bad Boys Get Spanked" and "The Soliloquy of Balloon Boy," you know you're in for a good time ALL THE TIME!


Origivation Magazine's ALBUM OF THE YEAR for 2003!!!

12 songs plus one bonus track, including "Deathbed (Na, Na, Na)," "Dandelion,"

"Revenge," and "Pure." 12-page full color booklet with lyrics!

PLEASE NOTE: CD comes brand new with full artwork but no shrink wrap.



12 cuts including "Miss Catch-22" and "Dancing In Your Shadow" 
(proud recipient of honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest!)
This 1999 JF "solo" album brought the original members of IKE together for the first time!